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位智是一套內建 GPS 智慧型手機的免費導航應用程式。其具有以下特色:

  • 語音轉向導航
  • 語音道路提示(文字到語音) [1]
  • 即時路況回報
  • 即時油價 [2]
  • 避開收費道路 [2]
  • 你能協助改善且自動安裝的定期免費圖資更新
  • 隨心所欲的搜尋目的地:完整的地址、分類、名稱、地標或使用你的聯絡人
  • 整合 Google、Foursquare、Bing 的目的地搜尋
  • 支援從其他程式(如 Localscope)匯入目的地到
  • 支援多國語言
  • 整合社群網路以及遊戲般的體驗

^1 測試版:僅在特定國家
^2 依賴使用者提供收費道路及油價資訊

Read more about the amazing way Waze gets better when you just drive around with Waze turned on


If you have problems, try and find your own solution or ask the community for help:

If all else fails, you can email Waze with your problem

You can make Waze even better


You can make Waze better for yourself and everyone else

Problems, bugs and limitations


Waze is a fun and sophisticated navigation app. In most developed countries Waze provides superior navigation information over commercial GPS applications. Like any developing application, there are issues and complications that are being worked to resolve. Many of them are cosmetic and do not prevent a fully gratifying experience when using Waze.

Temporary issues are tracked in the official Waze server status and issues page.

Note that Waze Bugzilla, a tool previously used for bug reporting, is no longer in use. The Waze community used to report and tracks bugs and problems in the Bugzilla application. At the time, it was the best place to identify any currently known issues. There is no official replacement for Bugzilla.

Some of the more common issues include:

  • Routing distance is limited to about 1,000 miles (1600 km) distance. To route to longer distances, select a point between your origin and destination less than this limit.
  • When you request a route, the client device app assumes you are continuing in the same direction you last traveled. This is often desirable, but can lead to unnecessarily longer routes when you have a choice of direction from your starting position. If you start driving the other direction, it will recalculate the route.
  • Issues and limitations on your supported model smartphone
  • Odd routing: Waze has been known to make short detours. In these situations, Waze instructs the driver to turn off a road, only to have the driver immediately return to it. Ostensibly, this shortens the route, but it produces routes that many drivers consider unreasonable, and the time savings are often dubious. Editors can often work around this using the Detour prevention mechanisms.

Development plans and priorities


Waze is growing fast in features and popularity. This is not a complete list of development areas, but should reassure you that Waze is aware of your concerns and is working to make things better.

Current development focus includes:

  • Upgrading the worldwide infrastructure, allowing Waze to support the growing number of users while making the service more reliable
  • Bug fixing
  • Integrating features to generate revenue for Waze
  • Releasing the same features for Android and iOS
  • Adding the ability to search for location by UK postcodes
  • Supporting correct routing of authorized vehicles on Carpool, HOV, Transit lanes. Waze currently supports taxis, and private vehicles.
  • Implementing a web interface to allow editors to immediately close streets for a specified period.

Recently completed:

  • Upgrading the World servers, which has increased the reliability and speed of editing maps
  • Improved the routing in areas of Private Roads and Parking Lot Roads
  • ASR (Automated Speech recognition)
  • TTS (Text to Speech voice guided: turn-by-turn instructions that announce the street names for upcoming turns) in multiple languages
  • Gas price integration
  • POI category search
  • Toll Road avoidance
  • Time of day turn restrictions
  • Time of day road directional changes
  • Implementing road blocks and road closures

Have fun going your own Waze