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Welcome to the Arkansas Waze Editing Wiki page. This page serves as the primary resource for map editors in the state of Arkansas. Review all the sections to better understand how the guidelines for this state might deviate from the overall USA or worldwide guidelines. If you have any comments or questions about this page or state refer to the community links below.

Wiki editing info can be found here. Sounds scary but it's easy. Just watch this short video.

Freeways in Arkansas

Freeway Name Responsible Area Manager Date Started Status Comment
I-40 TBD 10/10/12 Unassigned Verify proper one-way directions, rename all segments "I-40 E" and "I-40 W." Number and properly name all exits.
I-30 TBD 10/10/12 Unassigned As above, except "I-30 N" and "I-30 S."
I-55 TBD 10/10/12 Unassigned As above, except "I-55 N" and "I-55 S."
I-530 TBD 10/10/12 Unassigned As above, except "I-530 N" and "I-530 S."

US Highways in Arkansas

US Highway Name Responsible Area Manager Date Started Status Comment
US-67 TBD 10/10/12 Unassigned Edit all freeway segments as with freeways shown above. Change all non-freeway segments to Major Highway. Change all US Hwy Business segments to Minor Highway.
US-63 TBD 10/10/12 Unassigned As above.
US-49 TBD 10/10/12 Unassigned As above.

Arkansas Highways

Arkansas State Highways are too numerous to list here. If you have some specific segments that need work, build a table here (by copying one of the other table examples.) In general, AR State Highways should be named "State Hwy XX" and should be classified as a minor highway. Directional names need to be removed from two-way segments since they go both directions. For example, large sections of AR-5 were labeled "State Hwy 5 N." They should be changed to read "State Hwy 5."

Miscellaneous Tasks

Task Responsible Area Manager Date Started Status Comment
Delete Cameras TBD 10/10/12 Unassigned According to the Governors' Highway Safety Association, red-light and speed cameras are prohibited in AR. They may be used in rare instances, but as a temporary measure with an officer present. True red-light or speed cameras should be reported as "Police" since an officer must be present for them to be valid.

Arkansas Approved Map Resources

While I personally find them useful for general awareness of an area, we are not supposed to use copyrighted sources for our map data. Below are some approved sources I've been using: