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Benelux Text To Speech

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Benelux announcement:

The information on these pages is adapted to the situation and working of Waze in the countries of the BeNeLux. At the top of the page you can select the language of your choice. Pages that are not updated within the last half year may be out of date. Please do not change anything without consulting the local team. Any questions, remarks or ideas are welcome in this forum.

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abréviations - afkortingen

"abréviations suivantes sont pleinement exprimés par la voix:" - Google Translate
volgende afkortingen worden door de stem volledig uitgesproken:


di      = en direction de
 >      = en direction de



ri     = richting
 >     = richting
't     = het
t/m    = tot en met
a/d    = aan de
A'dam  = Amsterdam
Dr     = Dokter
Dr.    = Doctor



St.    = Sankt
Str.   = Strasse
Str    = Strasse
>      = Richtung
v.     = von
G.     = Gasse
g.     = Gasse
PL.    = Platz
pl.    = Platz
DDr.   = Doktor Doktor
Ing.   = Ingenieur
Dr.    = Doktor
AS     = Ausfahrt
D      = Deutschland
F      = Frankreich
CH     = Schweiz
AT     = \u00d6sterreich
AK     = Autobahnkreuz
AD     = Autobahndreieck
Bhf    = Bahnhof
Hbf    = Hauptbahnhof
/      = , (pauze)
a.d.   = an der
A1     = A Eins
B1     = B Eins
L1     = L Eins
K1     = K Eins