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The Hawaii state managers have agreed to these variations from the national standards:

  1. Places shall be locked at level 3 once pertinent information has been added. Pertinent information includes: State, City, Street, House Number, Phone Number, Web Site (if available)
  2. Hospitals shall be locked at level 5.
  3. Police and fire stations will be area places (to display on the app map).
  4. Medical clinics without emergency facilities shall be categorized as "Offices" and "Personal Care".
  5. Phone number format shall be (###) ###-####
  6. Place names must be capitalized.

Moderation standards

Please be aware of these guidelines before adding a new place in WME, or moderating a place update request (PUR).

Take the time to research all information regarding the place. Name, address, business website, phone number, etc. Check the appropriate "Services Offered" types.

If time is limited, you should at least enter at least a street address and lock it at 2 for most types of places (don't do this for private/residence type). Doing this helps protect against future picture updates being simply accepted from "trusted updaters." Most drivers do not edit so will always be considered Rank 1 in WME. Any update they submit to an existing place will be flagged for review by an editor.

Make sure any pictures submitted are usable. We reject photos with identifiable faces or license place numbers.

Basically, use your common sense: Is the photo helpful to the Wazer in recognizing that they are in the right place? Examples of some types of pictures that are unusable (and should thus be rejected) are:

  • The inside of the business, or so close to the front door that you have to be at the front door to see it. The idea is to show it from far enough away that it gives an approaching driver an idea of what to look for.
  • Close-up of drive-through menu.
  • Upside down, blurry, rainy, fogged out, phone mount or part of car mostly blocking the view.
  • A shot that is clearly just a "selfie" of the person taking the picture of him/herself in front of the place being added/updated.
  • Nudity/obscenity, or otherwise inappropriate content.