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The Waze client app provides a menu of options that enable the user to enter navigation destinations, adjust settings, review road reports, etc. From the main client application screen the menu button is in the lower left corner. Press it to bring up the menu window. It will include a number of buttons. The information below discusses what is done under each of those entries.


This is the main navigation screen. From this screen you can:


This option enables searching for a gas station. It is a short cut to the same interface as the regular navigation feature searching for Gas under Category.

My Waze





Switch Off

Permits you to shut down the Waze application.

Alternately if you simply put the Waze application in the background, Waze will continue to operate as long as you continue to move and your mobile device is turned on. If you stop in one spot for about 10 minutes, it will automatically shut down to save battery power in your mobile device.

While Waze is operating in the background you continue to collect points for driving, in addition to bonus points and road goodies if you happen to drive over them on the map. If you have audio enabled, navigation and alerts will be announced as well.