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New Zealand

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Welcome to Waze New Zealand

About Waze New Zealand

Welcome to Waze New Zealand. This guide is here for people in New Zealand using or wanting to use waze. Information found here will most likely be discussed in the Waze New Zealand forum before being transferred here. If you are unsure about something the forum is the first place to ask.

Getting Started

The primary function of Waze is a vehicle navigation device for your phone. Once waze is installed on your phone you have the option of registering an account (on your phone) for advanced features. This account (with "user name" and "password") will give you access to:

Quick Start Road Naming Guide

Urban areas

Street = Hill Rd 
City = Dunedin
Street = Hill Road
City = Maori Hill, Dunedin

Rural areas

Street = Mount Cargill Rd
City =
Street = Mount Cargill Road
City = Mount Cargill, Otago

New Zealand Specific Guides

New Zealand road type designations

How to label cities (New Zealand)

How to label and name roads (New Zealand)

Abbreviations and acronyms New Zealand

AS/NZS 4819:2011