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OKSL: Oklahoma Section Line Numbering. Beginning in the NW corner of the state, each section line is numbered, EW 1, NS 1. Many counties base county road numbering off of these numbers.

OKSL0: OKSL plus 0. i.e. EW 89 becomes 890. (examples used below: [NSEW] OKSL0 Rd = E 890 Rd). Some counties will omit the 4di number, causing NS 435 to become N 350 Rd and will be designated OKSL0-4.

[NSEW]: Single letter directional identifier (i.e. N or S or E or W). May omit directions if never signed (NSE omits W if there is never a West directional signed.)

[NS/EW]: Two letter directional identifier (i.e. EW 43 or NS 120)

[ord]: Ordinal (the 'st', 'nd', 'rd', or 'th' that follows a number)

FC: Functional Classification

Common Questions Regarding County Naming/Functional Classification

Q: A county road that is dirt is marked primary. Which do I use, Dirt Road or Primary?
A: Primary

Q: I believe a road should be higher than the Functional Classification. Can I raise it?
A: Yes, please send a PM/Slack DM to a State Manager to let them know. If we were to see it higher without explanation, we may change it back.

Q: I believe a road should be lower than its Funcational Classification. Can I lower it?
A: No. This is per the US Functional Classification policy. Lowering a FC requires approval from a RC. Should you feel it has a valid case, please submit a permalink to a state manager.

County Listing

County CR Naming Scheme Comments/Resources
Adair [NE] OKSL0 Rd
Alfalfa Cleanup needed
Beaver [NS/EW] OKSL - 1-35 for EW, 115-168 for NS Cleanup needed
Beckham [NE] OKSL0 Cleanup needed
Blaine Cleanup needed
Caddo CR-OKSL0 (For E/W), CS-OKSL0 (For N/S) Need to verify with county Cleanup needed
Canadian Cleanup needed
Carter Cleanup needed
Cherokee [NSEW] OKSL0-4 Rd
Cimarron Cleanup needed
Cleveland Cleanup needed
Comanche Cleanup needed
Cotton Minor cleanup needed
Craig [NSEW] OKSL0 Rd
Creek Tulsa City Numbering
  • [EW] xxx[ord] St [NS]
  • [NS] xxx[ord] [East/West] Ave

East/West is always spelled out when it is before Ave

Custer Cleanup needed
Delaware Lots of cleanup needed to this county.
Dewey Cleanup needed
Ellis Cleanup needed
Garfield Cleanup needed
Garvin CR-[OKSL0] Cleanup needed
Grady Cleanup needed
Greer Cleanup needed
Harmon MH, mH, PS cleaned
Harper Cleanup needed
Haskell Cleanup needed
Hughes Cleanup needed
Jackson Cleanup needed
Jefferson Cleanup needed
Kay omg... this county...
Kingfisher Cleanup needed
Kiowa Cleanup needed
Lincoln Cleanup needed
Logan Cleanup needed
Love Cleanup needed
McClain Cleanup needed
McIntosh [NSEW] OKSL0-4 Rd
Major [NS/EW] Example: NS 240
Marshall Cleanup needed
Mayes [NSEW] OKSL0-4 Rd
Murray Cleanup needed
Muskogee [NSEW] xxx[ord] St [NSEW] (base numbers extending from Muskogee). FC/CR/Dirt Roads completed
Nowata [EW/NS] OKSL
Oklahoma Cleanup needed
Okmulgee [NSEW] xxx Rd. Does not follow OKSL, but uses same format. SL numbering starts at NW corner of Okmulgee County starting with 100.
Osage CR-xxxx Cleanup needed
Pawnee Cleanup needed
Payne Most county roads are named or numbered based from Stillwater. EW/NS OKSL numbers also appear on signs or if not named
Pittsburg [NSEW] OKSL0 Rd
Pontotoc Cleanup needed
Pottawatomie CR-[OKSL0] Cleanup needed
Roger Mills Cleanup needed
Rogers [NSEW] OKSL0 Rd
Seminole Cleanup needed
Sequoyah [NSEW] OKSL0-4 Rd
Stephens Cleanup needed
Texas Mile 1-60 for EW, Mile A-II for NS Minor cleanup needed
Tillman Cleanup needed
Tulsa Tulsa City Numbering
  • [EW] xxx[ord] St [NS]
  • [NS] xxx[ord] [East/West] Ave

East/West is always spelled out when it is before Ave

  • West of Tullahassee, South of Verdigris River: Tulsa City Numbering (E xxx[ord] St S/S xxx[ord] East Ave)
  • East of Tullahassee extending south of E 110th St N: Muskogee City Numbering ([NWE] xxx[ord] St [NWE])
  • All other sections of county use the [NSEW] OKSL0-4 Rd format
Washington [NSEW] OKSL00 Rd Cleanup needed
Washita Cleanup needed
Woodward Cleanup needed