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Philippines/Places Policy

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  • Introduction

This will serve as a guide for Waze Philippines on what should be posted, approved, and rejected for Places submissions.

How To Make Sure Your New Place Submission Gets Approved (App Submissions)

  1. Make sure there the place is not on Waze yet (in other words, don't submit duplicate places). You can do this by doing a simple search on your app. If the result shows an editable place (one where the pencil icon is blue), then it's already on the Waze map, don't submit a new place.
  2. Make sure you have good GPS reception (would be best if you're outside). Numerous submissions end up soooo far from the intended location (hundreds of meters down the road or on a totally different street). If we cannot verify the location, it will be rejected. This is where the next item comes in...
  3. Take a good picture of the EXTERIOR of the place. It would help to include the building and not just the sign. That way, if your submission ends up at the wrong location, we can use the picture to find where it should be based on the streetview images. Don't take pictures of the interior or the menu - those are of no help, and you are not advertising the place. People don't use Waze to check out menus and interiors. Take a good enough picture that will show people what to look for when they are already in the vicinity of the establishment.
  4. Don't submit private residences. Your Tito Jun will not appreciate his house being searchable by every wazer who types in "Tito Jun's Place". Neither will the Santoses when they realize you submitted their house as "Santos Residence". Waze has a location sharing function. Use it. No, even with the homeowner's permission (I'm looking at you, selfie-takers), we will not approve publicly searchable private residences, and in fact will delete any that we come across.
  5. Input all the details you can. This shows us you actually do know the place, and helps out the editor who handles your report. Common mistake: "House Number" refers to the house/lot number, not the phone number. Don't feel bad, this is an extremely common error.
  6. Don't send fake places. This will get you blocked,
  7. Don't send streets as places.
  8. Don't send just about any establishment or place you can think of. Keep in mind what "Places" on Waze is for - navigation. If the place you are adding will never be a destination for a driver (e.g. small tree, Tindahan sa Kanto, lotto outlet), don't submit.

New Places

When adding new Places, make sure their location is properly identified through the add Area Places draw function and add the address in the details as well. Also make sure that it is not a duplicate of an already existing place, either an area place or a point place. If an Area Place will cover beyond a city's/minicipality's boundary or will cover more than one city/municipality, mark the city address as none. For bodies of water like creeks, rivers, lakes, sea, etc. mark the city address as none, this is so that their area will not be added to the city tile.

The main differences for these are;

Area Places - These are primarily POI locators but also serve another function on the Waze map. They serve as navigation aids and cues. So if a landmark serves as a navigation cue and is more than 50m on it's X or Y coordinates, you can add it. If it is smaller than 50m, consider adding a Point Place. Compounds and buildings fall into this place type. Parking lots should be an Area Place and NOT a Point Place.
Point Places - These are the main POI locators for establishments that you want to add on the map. Adding these makes these places searchable on the Waze app. If there is already an Area Place, do not add a Point Place and vice versa. Establishments inside a building or compound fall into this place type.
Gas Stations - Gas station establishments, when adding these and X or Y coordinates are not long enough, consider adding a small spike on one of the sides so that it goes over 50m in length so that it gets displayed on the client app.

Refer to the Places Policy for more details on what can be added.

Reviewing New Places


  • New places that are legitimate POIs. Confirm if it is a real place. Check Google Street View on WME and/or check websites or and reference.
  • Correct capitalization and spelling of Place Name


  • Places that are actually roads
  • Duplicate places
  • Incorrect capitalization and spelling
  • Incorrect information
  • New places marked as Residence/Home WITH Address (Street number and Street) - Add the street number instead to the street and location of the PUR, then reject the PUR. This is to reduce the map clutter on WME

  • If the new area contains more information or detail than the existing area, copy these information over to the old place and then reject the new place submission.


Before taking a picture and submitting (approving for us editors) it, put yourself in the shoes of someone who will be going to that place and does not know where to go or look. The picture should be something that will make it easier for anyone to find that place. Every user (trusted or not) can become blacklisted and banned from adding places once they have tried adding a certain amount of places or updates which have been rejected. We also track places that have been flagged and removed - if we see a pattern where a certain user created many of these, he might be blacklisted.


  • Clear image of entrance/facade
  • Clear image of building or structure
  • Images including a signage / billboard of the establishment displaying its name &/or address
  • House or residence images set to private viewing


  • House or residence images set to public viewing
  • Obstructed view or taken while inside a vehicle
  • Images with faces
  • Dark images
  • Blurred images
  • Images with clear plate number of vehicles
  • Interior images of buildings
  • Images showing incorrect place
  • Pornographic images

Updates on Places' Information

The general guideline to use to determine whether to Accept the update is,

Adding place addresses
When adding the address of a place, add the number if you know it or add the street name. DO NOT add the RNS route numbers, just the official street names.

"Is the majority of information provided in the update correct?"

A Place update, if the user completes ALL the information, can be extremely long

Even if some of the data is incorrect, or the photo included in the update improper and unhelpful to drivers, the editor can still remove the photo or update/delete the incorrect information after accepting the update. It is better, faster, and more honest to accept the good information from the driver, and fix the problems, rather than rejecting the entire update and filling in the info yourself.


  • Correct information


  • Wrong information
  • Wrong capitalization
  • Converting to Residence/Home if the place is not a house
  • If it is a private residence but does not contain a street number and street name

Place Categories

Refer to the Waze Place Classifications for the Philippines for more details on Place Categories.

Place Websites

Refer to the Place Common Websites for more details on Place Websites.