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Scheduled Restrictions (Archive)

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This information is obsolete and the active links to this page have been reviewed for disconnection or replacement. More current alternate information is likely available and should be followed rather than this information.

In General

Scheduled restrictions are a tool to enable Waze to use roads and routes which are not always available. The classic use cases are for public transit lanes, HOV lanes, turn restrictions during rush hours, directionality changes, seasonal road closures, gates, moveable bridges and ferry lanes.

A common confusion is to use scheduled restrictions in places where the more appropriate temporary closure feature (currently only available to mobile users, soon available in the editor).

This table outlines the differences between the two restriction methods:

Scheduled Restriction Temporary Closure
Database storage Map tiles - updated irregularly Real time servers - updated live
Permissions Accessible to everyone who can edit the segment, using the editor. Accessible to level 5 editors who can edit the segment, or mobile client users at the location of the closure.
Configuration options Daily repetition pattern, time of day, recurring dates, vehicle types Start and end times, description
How it can be modified Modified in the editor, takes effect only on the next successful tile build. Modified in the editor or when the real time servers detect traffic. Takes effect immediately.
Use cases Public transit lanes, planned turn restrictions, lane directionality changes, moveable bridges, gates, ferry lines. Planned flexible events such as festivals, sport events, diplomatic visits, unplanned closures, construction works.

Segments and Turns

Both segments and turns can be restricted. Editing segment restrictions can be done using the ‘Add/Edit restrictions’ button in the left pane (or the ‘T’ keyboard shortcut). Editing turns can be done by hovering over the allowed turn arrow and clicking the clock icon.

An already restricted turn is shown in yellow. Accessing the editing dialog is done in the same way.

Each element (segment / turn) can have several restrictions for different times or for different vehicle types. Also note that two-way segments have different restriction lists for each direction. Selecting between the two direction is done with the direction tabs:

Date logic

  • The schedules are designed for recurring events. The restrictions will happen on each day of the week within the date range, in the hours defined in the hour range.
  • The times being used are at the local location of the restriction. Meaning, if i’m Italy editing the map in New York, the restrictions are in EST and not offset to my local Italian time.
  • The date and time ranges are inclusive - meaning that a restriction from July 3rd to July 5th will include the entire day of July 5th.

If the end time is earlier than the start time, the restriction will wrap around to the next day.

Some examples:

Days of the week Time Range Date Range Restriction Result
Sunday All day 12.1.2014 - 12.31.2014 Every Sunday on December 2014, from 00:00 until 23:59:59.
Monday - Friday 09:00-11:00 Every Week Every weekday from 9am to 11am.
Thursday 23:00-03:00 Every Week Every Thursday from 23:00 until every Friday at 03:00
All All day 7.3.2015 - 7.15.2015 From July 3rd 2015 at 00:00 until July 15th at 23:59:59

Multiple segment selection

Multiple segments can be selected at once for batch editing of restrictions. Selecting multiple segments is done by clicking the segments while holding the Ctrl button (or Cmd on Mac computers).

A few things to note when editing multiple segments: Note the directionality of the segments - two neighbouring segments can be with different a->b directionality. In one of them the a->b direction can be eastbound and in the other it can be westbound at the same time. When multiple segments are selected with different restrictions set on them, they will appear in a different section of the dialog under the title: 'These restrictions only apply to some of the segments selected:' Click the ‘Apply to all’ link to the right of the restriction line to propagate the restriction to all the selected segments.

Vehicle Types

By default, a restriction is applicable to all vehicles. You can change this by expanding the vehicles list using the ‘edit’ link.

The expanded vehicle type list shows some common vehicle types. The checked types are the one that will not be routed through the segment / turn at the specified times.

Currently, all Waze mobile clients are considered to be private vehicles. The other vehicle types are available for future forward compatibility.