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Scripts/WME Roundabout Angles

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by wlodek76 (PM), currently managed by FZ69617 (PM)

The script provides guidance based on the rules described in the USA roundabouts wiki page.

The original authorship of the script is by wlodek76, who decided to leave the Waze community (hopefully, not forever...). The rights for further maintenance of the script have been granted by the original author to FZ69617 (PM) (forum profile).

Brief instructions:

  • Activate the script by enabling the "Roundabout Angles" layer in WME
  • The default is inactive, therefore the script will always be off when you reload WME. It must be activated again each time its needed (after reloading WME).
  • The script will automatically find all roundabouts visible on the map - pan and / or zoom the map, if it doesn't find them.
  • Angles will only be displayed for roundabouts with four or less nodes. The other roundabouts will still display the round helper line in a slightly different color, together with a line to the first three nodes, but no angles will be displayed.


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