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Short URLs

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There are times when it is necessary to add a URL link to a forum post and it would be beneficial to have a shorter URL name to enter or remember. The table below includes a number of custom created URLs

Short URL Destination URL
Wiki Links FAQ Detour Prevention Mechanisms House Numbers in WME Update Request - Conversations
(currently linked wrong)
WME Extention Tools
(this may be intended target)
(currently linked wrong)
Road Types (USA) - Parking Lot Road
(this may be intended target) At Grade Connectors - Turn Restrictions Rest Areas
(currently linked wrong)
Creating and Editing a Roundabout
(this may be intended target)
(currently linked wrong)
Best Map Editing Practices Permalink
(currently linked wrong)
Editing Manual Places
Forum Links
(likely not relevant any longer)
Incorrect advertisement placement report forms
Other External Links Waze Map Editor Unlock Staff locked segments form