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Pages proposed for translation

These pages contain text with translation tags, but no version of these pages are currently marked for translation.

  1. Benelux/Guideline/Test/Append
  2. Benelux/Guideline/Test/Empty
  3. Benelux/Guideline/Test/Overwrite
  4. Benelux/Places
  5. Benelux Mapcomments
  6. Benelux Non-driveable
  7. Benelux Sandbox
  8. Benelux Text To Speech
  9. BiH
  10. Col/MMR2016/IPC
  11. User:Juanchomart
  12. User:Kodi75
  13. User:Moweez/BNL welcome
  14. User:Moweez/IN Editing
  15. User:Moweez/Improve your skills
  16. User:Moweez/MMRVenezuela
  17. User:Moweez/Turkey En
  18. User:Moweez/WME Quick-Start
  19. User:Orbitc/Turkey
  20. User:Orbitc/Turkey En
  21. User:Orbitc/WME Quick-Start
  22. User:Wimvandierendonck/Benelux Community Levels
  23. Translations:Translation (wiki)/21/fr
  24. Translations:Translation (wiki)/5/fr
  25. Translations:Translation (wiki)/6/fr
  26. Translations:Translation (wiki)/8/fr

Pages in translation

Some version of these pages have been marked for translation.

  1. Benelux
  2. Benelux Advanced Guide
  3. Benelux Announcement
  4. Benelux Beginner Guide
  5. Benelux Community
  6. Benelux Community Levels
  7. Benelux Dirt Road
  8. Benelux Editing Speed Limits
  9. Benelux Freeway
  10. Benelux Major Highway
  11. Benelux Minor Highway
  12. Benelux Non-drivable
  13. Benelux Parking Lot Road
  14. Benelux Pedestrian Boardwalk
  15. Benelux Places
  16. Benelux Primary Street
  17. Benelux Private Road
  18. Benelux Railroad
  19. Benelux Ramp
  20. Benelux Roads
  21. Benelux Roads (General)
  22. Benelux Runway Taxiway
  23. Benelux Service Road
  24. Benelux Stairway
  25. Benelux Street
  26. Benelux WME Quick-Start
  27. Benelux Walking Trail
  28. Benelux testtranslate
  29. Map editing
  30. Places (Malaysia)
  31. Scripts
  32. Scripts/URComments
  33. Translate waze (client text) to your local language
  34. Translation (wiki)
  35. Translation (wiki)/fr
  36. Translation Sandbox
  37. Turkey
  38. Venezuela/MMR 2015
  39. User:Rising Sun
  40. User:Rising Sun/Places (Malaysia)
  41. User:SirKitKat/test
  42. User:Steveningelbrecht
  43. User:Voludu2/Map editing
  44. Template:Benelux NavBar
  45. Template:Benelux Nav Roads

Broken pages

An old version of this page is marked for translation, but the latest version cannot be marked for translation.

  1. Türkiye

Discouraged pages

These pages have been discouraged from further translation.

  1. User:Moweez/BeNeLux Map Editing Quick-start Guide
  2. User:Moweez/Verbeter je vaardigheden
  3. User:SirKitKat/TranslateTest