The new Waze Wiki, aka Wazeopedia, is now live at! While this legacy wiki will remain accessible for the time being, it is no longer updated by the community. For the most up-to-date guidance, please visit your local Wazeopedia.

Please do not make any more updates to these legacy wiki pages, all future updates should be made in your country's local Wazeopedia.

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Scripts/Browser requirementsScripts/Increased width on the Waze WikiScripts/Live Map UR Overlay (LMUR)
Scripts/PreloadScripts/Road Type CalculatorScripts/Roundabout Angles and Landmark
Scripts/ScriptKit/VenueLockScripts/Script subpageScripts/ShowTown
Scripts/Street Vector LayerScripts/Street to River PLUSScripts/Toggelis Waze Editor
Scripts/Toggelis Waze Editor/heScripts/Toggelis Waze Editor/idScripts/Toggelis Waze Editor/it
Scripts/Toggelis Waze Editor/jpScripts/Toggelis Waze Editor/roScripts/Toggelis Waze Editor/ru
Scripts/URComments/heScripts/UR Overview Plus (URO+)
Scripts/WME Aerial Shifter (WAS)Scripts/WME Chat JumperScripts/WME Chat Resizer and Auto Scroll
Scripts/WME Chat addonScripts/WME ClickSaverScripts/WME Color Highlights
Scripts/WME HardHatsScripts/WME Highlighter CityScripts/WME JavaScript development
Scripts/WME Junction Angle infoScripts/WME Junction Node FixerScripts/WME Level Highlighter
Scripts/WME LiveMap closuresScripts/WME Magic WandScripts/WME PlaceNames
Scripts/WME Place HarmonizerScripts/WME Place Interface EnhancementsScripts/WME Road Selector
Scripts/WME Roundabout AnglesScripts/WME Route CheckerScripts/WME Route Speeds (Traffic)
Scripts/WME SpeedhelperScripts/WME Street View AvailabilityScripts/WME Tab Manager
Scripts/WME ToolboxScripts/WME Toolbox/Configuration PanelScripts/WME Toolbox/Measurement Tool
Scripts/WME Toolbox/MiniMapScripts/WME ValidatorScripts/WME center to begin-end of street
Scripts/WME layout tweaking user styleScripts/WazeBar for SafariScripts/Waze Edit Count Monitor