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flood and weather features

Hi can we include weather and flood report features?


Hi Guys, I have an idea for an important addition to Waze. It actually has to do with ecology more than driving. Does anyone know who I might contact to explore the potential for this idea?


speed limits ....

can we start catching the speed limits and then on the speed indicator - show green if within the limit and red if over the limit or under the minimum limit?


turn off some notifications

I LOVE almost everything about waze. it keeps getting better too. BUT - one thing that is driving me nuts as the community grows are excessive reports. On my 30 minute drive to work today, I got no less than 8 useless reports popping up at me. Fog, vehicle stopped on shoulder, etc...all things that do not require extra caution, do not require changing lanes, do not require slowing down or reacting in any way whatsoever.

Right now, I respond to them by pressing "not there" (even if they are there). I can't think of any clever way to keep people from reporting useless info (like fog even though it doesn't affect visibility at all!).

I would LOVE it if I could turn off notifications for some things. I NEVER want to know about a vehicle on the shoulder on a highway that has 2 huge shoulders on it. I NEVER want to know about things that don't require me to change my driving at all. Tell me about cops, tell me about objects in the road, tell me about accidents, tell me about traffic - all the rest is ANNOYING and potentially harmful as it is distracting from my attention to the road.

If you could find a way for me to select which reports I don't care about to my preferences, it would make Waze so much better for me (and maybe many others?)

School Zones

We have a significant number of school zones in Denver that do not utilize the flashing yellow lights to warn of the slower speed. It would be nice if users could submit these locations so drivers would be aware that they are approaching a zone. Ideally the warning could be time sensative so that it doesn't alert during non-school hours.