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One of the Waze staff @Dror wants to see some sort of cloud-tag concept on the Wiki front page. He was very happy with the look achieved by the first-attempt using 150% font size on selected links.

But @Dror isn't a design expert and he doesn't necessarily get the last word. So as a community can we find a good, balanced design that achieves his goals?

@Robin1979 makes the good and true point that it does reduce readabaility.

But it is also true that readability isn't necessarily our main priority. Grabbing people's attentions with a few well-chosen words that lets them leap immediately to the section that is for them - beginner, advanced, map-editing, etc may be more important in this case.

Tried for 125% as a middle ground --Waynemcdougall 18:13, 30 September 2010 (UTC)