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When driving I cannot issue reports because the app doesn't recognize voice commands. No matter how loudly or clearly I speak, the app cannot hear.


It would be useful to report for Accident at some location you are NOT THERE but you heard about (I know that you want real/eye witness reports, but few days ago there was a major accident blocking the street but neither me nor other wazers were nearby to mark it) Maybe you could incorporate (in some of the next releases) reporting for other/pinned location

Ihave a windows phone, the waze map app. Is not easy to report things. The app needstobe set up different. Also you cant friend any body on the windows phone.

Truck / Camper navigation

Suggestion: Truck / Camper navigation

For those of us that use Waze (almost) daily, but spend a lot of our time in larger vehicles such as trucks/buses/campers etc, a truck navigation feature would be useful.

Entering height/length/width as well as maximum speed and weight data would allow Waze to tailor routes to avoid narrow lanes, low tunnels & bridges and road restrictions.

A large number of truck drivers and RV users are restricted to normal navigation devices because of the prohibitive cost of professional truck navigation gear...