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Talk:Rhode Island/To do

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Proposed Highways

Just looked over the list of proposed highways, and they all look legit. Just a few suggestions:

  • I think the freeway portion of Rte 4 actually starts at the intersection with Oak Hill Rd, since Rte 4 becomes limited access north of that intersection.
  • Similarly, the freeway portion of Rte 403 starts at the intersection of Commerce Park Rd.
  • The freeway portion of Rte 6 is only between I-295 and Rte 10. The rest is covered by other freeways.
  • There is a portion of Rte 146 that I would argue is NOT a freeway, between where it splits with Rte 99 and where it splits with Rte 146A. The section contains stoplights and at-grade connectors, so I would keep this part as a Major Highway.
  • Rtes 79 and 140 are in Massachusetts.

I've updated the list with the suggested changes.

-- GooberKing(2)