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Move page test instructions

After the page is completely tested, it can be moved (renamed) from its current name (and subpage) to its primary page as its final destination.

1. If the original page had any subpages, ensure the content for all of them has been incorporated into the new page because this process will move new subpages over the old ones and overwrite them.

2. From the new state page select the Move option.

3. In the line for the new title, change the name to the final state name. Be sure to use title case like what is shown on the Template:USA Navbox.

4. Select (check) the options:
 • Move associated talk page
 • Move subpages (up to 100)
 • Watch source page and target page

5. Deselect (don't check) the option:
 • Leave a redirect behind

6. Press Move page.

7. View the list of pages moved. Ensure they are the pages expected. If no other pages were listed, the option to move subpages was not selected. They will now need to be moved manually. Search for all pages with the original state pagename used, like "California/Test". Once they are located, open and move them each individually.

8. Open the page under it new name and review the contents and links to be sure everything was moved correctly.