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Groups- It seems others cannot search and find your Group if more than a set distance away [50 miles?] Why is this, and why such a narrow minded limitation - v.annoying bug!


Some suggestions that I have for the sky bar that resides at the top of the 3D map:

  • A weather bar could effectively show what driving conditions that lie ahead without switching to a standalone weather app. This could either be for the current location or the destination location or some user defined interval that lies on the route ahead. It should be kept fairly simple, but should have different graphics for events like fog, snow, rain, cloudy, sunny, ect. Maybe a temperature gauge could also be implemented, but I feel this is little of a reach.
  • A minor improvement maybe the true location of the sun (day mode) within the sky bar in conjunction with the weather bar.
  • A minor improvement maybe the displaying of the current phase of the moon (night mode) within the sky bar in conjunction with the weather bar.
  • A minor improvement maybe the incorporation of a primitive compass for smart phones that have accelerometers and compass capabilities.

These are a few ideas/suggestions that I have thought of that may help make the product more robust and help with safety and situational awareness. Keep up the good work on an already great product!

I could not find a rule book for using Waze such as when you get the pop up with entering too many items in a period of time. What is that period of time? Also if I am not going to get the points then it still should show the icon to warn other Wazer's. How is my rank increased beside the reports and bonus points? Sorry if this is shown somewhere and i did not see it. The Hazard icon under "shoulder" should say Vehicle as not just "cars" are stopped. The Hazard icon under "shoulder" should add Construction as they work there also. The Hazard icon under "on road" should have Vehicle as they can be stuck on the road or lane.

- Point structure/reports change suggestion: I think people should get points for giving and receiving "Thanks" and also for "Not There". Keeping the map current and reporting useful things should be rewarded and would go a long way to keep the map uncluttered. Giving incentive to do so would be productive (and it is not like those points cost anything). Also there could be a mechanism that keeps track of how quickly a user's reports are thanked or "not there" to adjust how often people can post or even remove points if their reports are always crushed. I have followed a wazer for 10 miles as he/she repeatedly reported non existent things and I reported "not there". In Atlanta sometimes there are 4 or 5 wrecks in a short period and also objects in the road and other things and people who only report legitimate things hit the limit of reports and can't report serious things. If you are consistently thanked then you should be able to report more, if your reports are constantly reported "not there" within a very short time period (1 minute, 3 minutes?) you should be more limited and possibly lose at least some of the points you got for reporting the issue. - Banshee463

- Would like to have the ability to navigate to location chosen from my iPhone/iPad Contacts app. - agilepap

Police and hazard reporting on other direction of highway

It seems when I see police or a hazard on the other side of a highway I click on other lane but it still post police or hazard in the direction I am heading and not the reverse. It should also give you option of reporting police in both lanes since they sit in middle of highway sometimes and can be using radar either way.

Suggested new revenue model

I can choose from several routes to and from work each day. I would be happy to pay for access to my own data or better yet, that of all Waze users along the routes I travel to understand which ones are faster (I actually kept a spreadsheet for a while but gave up.)

I would like to be able to create as many segments as I want and compare two or more ways to go for each one then adjust for time of day, day of the week, time of year (avoid the beach in the evenings for example), etc. The UX would be a challenge but done right, millions would pay handsomely for this level of detail!

Redirect due to traffic or congestion

When selecting a route, Waze does not take into consideration any reported traffic congestion or slow moving traffic and change the route. Is there a way (as in Google Maps) for Waze to update - even whilst you are travelling - and to redirect you if Heavy traffic is reported or a section of the route is travelling <20mph for over 2 - 3 miles. You could possibly select the range of the slow moving traffic or the minimum speed before it redirects you. It is not helpful to be informed of heavy traffic when you already are sitting in it, whereas a pop-up to re-route you because heavy traffic has been reported would be far more helpful. Also helpful when road closures are reported. Currently, road closures are reported and Waze still directs the trip through the closure.

Pop-up for Gas Stations

What about editing an approximate range that your vehicle can perform on based on fuel consumption.Then Waze constantly measures your distance. When it identifies that you are 50 miles before you will run out of gas, gas station pop-ups with prices can help to: 1) Assist you in directing you to a gas station on your travels 2) Allow you a comparison of 3(?) gas station prices in the closest vicinity.

Police Moving

Would it be possible to add in addition to "Visible" and "Hidden", a new third option to identify police that are "Driving". That way, when you get to a police marker and the police car is not there, at least it will give some indication that the police car was driving through the area when it was seen.

Avoid Dangerous Neighborhoods

I live in a suburb just outside of a major city in the northeastern U.S. Thing is, for certain destinations in and around the city we can never simply rely on using the routes that Waze suggests because it consistently routes us through extremely dangerous neighborhoods (literally, we've seen shootings and get offered drugs at stoplights with our kids in the back seat). Alternate routes aren't different enough to be of help; what I think would be very useful would be a way for individual users to identify "off-limits" neighborhoods on the map (by using a drawing tool or something) that Waze will NEVER use. I know that Waze itself can't make a judgement call on neighborhoods like this, which is why I suggest it on a user-specific basis (probably also issues with sharing it amongst users, etc. - although I'd love to be able to avoid dangerous neighborhoods in other locations that I'm not familiar with when traveling). My wife and I keep saying "we'll never be able to just let our kids use GPS to get somewhere, because it'll put them in the middle of a warzone". I would gladly pay for this ability.

Please add fuel types CNG and RME


Man new cars here as gas powered by CNG or natural gas / biogas. Finding the fuelstations is a bit of a nuisance.

Also perhaps in less demand but the need on a personal note is greater for RME stations. (Biodiesel based on corn starch)

Would be great to have more fuels alternatives added

Best regards


Automatic "Send to" for chosen destinations

I frequently "send" my Waze route to my wife when I'm headed home. It would be very helpful to have this done automatically to avoid the extra clicks and typing the name. Perhaps it could be expanded to friends' addresses and the like.