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A template intended to aid the creation of lists which are strings of items separated by a "divider" or "separator" character.

The divider/separator character used here is a bold middot (·) as it seems less obtrusive than a bullet (•) or the vertical-line ( | ) but more substantial than a plain middot (·). (The vertical-line also resembles the uppercase letter "I", lowercase "l" or the upright parts of "h", "k", etc.)

The character is preceded by a non-breaking space ( ) so the template may be used as shown below (i.e. suffixed to each item) to prevent the character being linewrapped to the starts of lines, thereby compromising a list's appearance.

Code:   item 1{{·}} item 2{{·}} item 3{{·}} item 4
Result:  item 1 · item 2 · item 3 · item 4
· <small> middot </tr> · middot </tr> · bold middot </tr> <small> bullet</tr> bullet </tr> bold bullet </tr>
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