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This is a documentation subpage for Template:Notice.
It contains usage information, categories and other content that is not part of the original template page.

This template regroups all simple notices (with or without paramaters) that can then be called easily by using a code (Message ID or a short text code). This is contributing to catalog all existing messages, to choose the most relevant for the situation you are facing and to avoid useless duplication of templates


{{ Notice | MsgID = | (Other parameter to be passed to the notice) }}

MsgID is required and refers to one of the code presented below You can also pass to the notice specific parameters that can be used to customize the notice.

List of possible Notices

Message ID 001 or ManualOnHC - Waze App user manual on Help Center

{{Notice|MsgID=ManualOnHC}} produces:
Waze application user manual is no longer hosted on the Waze wiki. Please refer now to the Waze Help Center website.
{{Notice|MsgID=ManualOnHC|answer=6080884}} produces:
Waze application user manual is no longer hosted on the Waze wiki. Please refer now to the Waze Help Center website on this topic.

The |answer=0000000 parameter is optional and provides a direct link to the page in the Help Center for a specific answer. This parameter can be substituted with |issue=0000000 to get a link to a known issue page (Help Center URL finishing with /known-issues rather than /answers)

Message ID 002 or Obsoleted - Obsoleted page

{{Notice|MsgID=Obsoleted}} produces:
This information is obsolete and the active links to this page have been reviewed for disconnection or replacement. More current alternate information is likely available and should be followed rather than this information.

Message ID 003 or Outdated - Potentially outdated page

{{Notice|MsgID=Outdated}} produces:
The content of this page seems to be outdated. Consider the information below with proper judgement. Before updating this page, please report your intention on this discussion forum. If you have checked or updated this page and found the content to be suitable, please remove this notice.