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Format - Single variable supported currently

Only a single variable can be passed through the Anchor template at this time.

Original Wikipedia version

The initial multiple parameter version failed because we are missing Parser Functions. Waze is looking into adding them so we can do more advanced formatting in the wiki.
{{#if:{{{1|}}}|<span id="{{{1|}}}"></span>}}<!-- -->{{#if:{{{2|}}}|<span id="{{{2|}}}"></span>}}<!-- -->{{#if:{{{3|}}}|<span id="{{{3|}}}"></span>}}<!-- -->{{#if:{{{4|}}}|<span id="{{{4|}}}"></span>}}<!-- -->{{#if:{{{5|}}}|<span id="{{{5|}}}"></span>}}<!-- -->{{#if:{{{6|}}}|<span id="{{{6|}}}"></span>}}<!-- -->{{#if:{{{7|}}}|<span id="{{{7|}}}"></span>}}<!-- -->{{#if:{{{8|}}}|<span id="{{{8|}}}"></span>}}<!-- -->{{#if:{{{9|}}}|<span id="{{{9|}}}"></span>}}<!-- -->{{#if:{{{10|}}}|<span id="{{{10|}}}"></span>}}<!-- -->{{#if:{{{11|}}}|<span class="error">[[Template:Anchor]] (or Anchors): too many anchors, maximum is 10.</span>}} <nowiki\>