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Hello there!

Here is my personal list of "Must Read" WME documents - as well as tools & tricks...Hopefully this will be a useful reference for new WMEs as well...

1. Basics (Read these completely...then read again...rinse & repeat):

  - Edits to avoid (USA) (Read BEFORE you read the basics!!)
  - Using external sources
  - Waze_Map_Editor
  - FAQ
  - Map_Editing_Quick-start_Guide
  - Map Editing Tips and Hints
  - Map Editor Interface and Controls
  - Best_map_editing_practice
  - Road types/USA
  - Mapping resources/USA
  - Places

2. Detailed WME links

  - Junction Style Guide - Main
  - Junction Style Guide/Intersections
  - How Waze determines turn / keep / exit maneuvers
  - Junction_Style_Guide#Loops
  - Soft and hard turns
  - Junction Style Guide/Controlling turn instructions
  - At-grade connectors
  - Routing penalties

3. Useful WME Tutorials Author: Fjsawicki (Tampa FL AM & has been a great help to me!! Thanks Felix!)

New Editor Communications

Geometry and Junction Nodes

UR-MP Tracking

Livemap UR

Standard Gates

Route Speeds

4. WME Addon Scripts <Under Construction>

5. Other

   - Forum Signature Banners