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User:Herrchin/herrchin recommended WME scripts

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This is a list of personal recommendations, and serves as a supplement to the main WME Scripts page which can have some stale content. I try to link to the location that has the most current install links, preferably the forum thread if it exists and is updated.

Priority # Priority Level
1 Essential - don't edit without it
2 Recommended - likely will make your editing life better
3 Advanced - Tricky to use safely or accurately, or not terribly relevant without certain editor rank or role
4 Limited - limited use cases
9 NOT recommended - superseded by another plugin, or other reasons
Priority Category Name and Link Overview Tips
1 Enhancement WME Toolbox If you lose your Toolbox button bar off the bottom of your screen, exit fullscreen mode in Settings or try browser zooming
1 Interface WME Chat Addon
1 Enhancement WME Closest Segment Ensure Places are nearest to the right road / PLR
1 Enhancement WME Junction Angle Info Read carefully in post to find latest version (1.12 as of last review, which is at the "1.11" link)
1 Validation WME Validator
2 Interface WME Aerial Shifter Adjust frequently and carefully to match GPS track offsets! (hidden if you enable "fullscreen mode"; use Maximized script below instead of fullscreen)
2 Enhancement WME Bookmarks
2 Validation WME Color Highlights
2 Interface WME HN Tool essential for House Number work
2 Interface WME Maximized (Basic rickzabel) Tweak WME layout to increase editing area rickzabel forked and updated the original script which is believed to be abandoned
2 Enhancement WME Place Harmonizer (WMEPH) Make entering/correcting Place info less laborious (Big update Feb. 2016!) Be sure to watch tutorials! (Phone format change, around line 2665, add: } else if ( containsAny(["NE"],[region,state2L]) ) { outputFormat = "{0}-{1}-{2}";
2 Enhancement WME Select Same Type Roads Multi-select two segments of the same type and use the 1 => 2 button. Currently more reliable than the WME native ALT-click function.
2 Enhancement WME Speedhelper Handy buttons for entering Speed Limits
2 Validation WME Speeds or WME Color Speeds Color roads by speed limit WME Toolbox also has Speed Limit coloring option
2 Interface WME Street View Availability
2 Enhancement WME UR-MP tracking
2 Interface WME URComments
2 Interface Street Vector Layer Customize road segment colors, fonts, etc.
3 Interface WME Context Menu
3 Area Management WME Counties X Census 2014 Display county boundaries; couple with local GIS resources Nebraska, Montana
3 Interface WME LiveMap closures More reliably show RTCs than built-in layer, and make them "pop" more. Primarily for those with RTC ability
3 Enhancement WME MagicWand Area place geometry tool
3 Enhancement WME Map Tiles Update Easily see what tile date is current/live
3 Enhancement WME Road Selector Toolbox "Select Segments" is often an easier way to accomplish your goal
3 Enhancement WME Road Selector Highlights Adds highlighting ability to RSel
3 Validation WME Route Checker
3 Validation WME Route Speeds
3 Enhancement WME Show Alt Names
3 Enhancement WME Simplify Street Geometry Align multiple road segments in a straight line between 2 points In Russian. Use carefully and check the results. Button appears under the "Edit restrictions" button
3 Validation WME Validator Localization for X Search GreasyFork for the State that you need My scripts: Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming
4 Interface WME BeenHere Draw temporary orange boxes to indicate audited areas Boxes are lost on browser reload :(
4 Interface WME Geometries Log your drive of new roads using OSMTracker, import an overlay of it into WME
4 Interface WME HardHats Show "live users" editor rank
4 Interface Increased width on the Waze Wiki Useful for this very wiki page! Be sure to edit the "applies to" URL to be and then Save
4 Interface WME Me! Displays an icon for you on the map, for screenshots
4 Enhancement WME Road History Take manual backups of an area
9 Not recommended WME Junction Node Fixer JNF functionality is now built into WME Toolbox and thus your "Q" key is already a JNF key.