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The Waze Client application is an all-in-one GPS Navigation suite for many mobile devices.

While operating (with or without the route navigation active), it will alert you to items and issues that other Wazers have reported on your current road. This enables you to adjust your route based on upcoming road conditions. It will anonymously record your GPS coordinates to calculate current speeds, typical direction of travel, and allowed turns on the roads you travel to further improve the information provided to other drivers. This does not require any intervention from the user. You can also review your drives on your Waze Dashboard to see where you go, and track your mileage, and adjust your drive accordingly. Note that all of these functions can be turned off in the Options Menu.

Waze also has a number of active functions. The biggest part of Waze is that it enables users to report traffic conditions, such as Police speed traps, accidents blocking lanes, and traffic slowdowns. This allows other Wazers to adjust their drive based on your reports, and you get thumbs up from the Wazers driving on the same road.

The second Waze active function is that it allows you to drive on previously undriven or unconfirmed roads by "Munching" them. If a road is missing, you can Report it on the live map and Editors on can add the road to the overview map. It is because of Crowdsourcing that much of the roads that Wazers drive on is usually updated within a few weeks of a road changing.

Another Waze active function is that it has full GPS Navigation with Turn-by-turn directions. Added recently (only available in English and other select languages), is Voice Navigation, which can alert you of turns and issues in the road.

Lastly, as a recently added feature, Waze allows you to report and search local Gas Prices, to figure out what is the lowest price along your drive, and can navigate your drive towards the best gas station, with little to no effort. No tireless searching and external applications are needed. Waze has also teamed up with Gas Stations to give you exclusive Waze-only Gas Discounts that you can get for showing that you are a Waze user. Note that Gas Discounts are not available in every country, and participation may vary.