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As you progress through Waze, you will gain points. These points put you on a leaderboard versus other Wazers. The more points, the more recognition you get.

Icon Rank Name Requirement Full Explaination
Wazer baby@2x.png Wazer Baby -- When you join Waze, you will have this rank until you drive 100 miles. You cannot qualify for any higher ranks until you drive 100 miles, regardless of your score.
Happy@2x.png Wazer Grown Up 100 Miles Driven Once you drive 100 miles, you become a Wazer Grown Up, and can use Moods.
WazeWarrior.png Waze Warrior 10% Once your score exceeds the score of 90% of the other Wazers in your Province or State, you become a Waze Warrior.
WazeKnight.png Waze Knight 4% Once your score exceeds the score of 96% of the other Wazers in your Province or State, you become a Waze Knight.
KingWaze.png Waze King 1%+ Once your score exceeds the score of 99% of the other Wazers in your Province or State, you become a true VIP, a Waze King.

About Adjustable Ranks

The required points to get to the next rank changes at the 1st of every month. The last three ranks are calculated by finding the lowest person in the top 1%, 4%, and 10%. This prevents users from having to chase an ever-increasing line, and allows users that become inactive to drop out of these ranks.

All of the point requirements are calculated for each Province or State. Your primary Province or State is the place where you do a majority (51% of Miles or more) of your driving, and is calculated at the end of each month. If your state or province seems to be changing randomly, you can put in a support ticket to get it locked to a single state or province.