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Kentucky Speed Limit Mapping Resources

Only include information obtained from official non-copyrighted sources or personal verification. If you have questions about a source, please ask a KY State Manager before adding it here.

Many county and city speed limit ordinances can be found in American Legal Publishing's code library for KY.

NOTE: Information listed here cannot be guaranteed to be correct. Published ordinances are typically unofficial copies and are not guaranteed to be up to date. Google Street View (Within the Waze Map Editor), when available, may be used to help confirm SL signs, but it also cannot be guaranteed to be up to date. The only guaranteed, but impractical, way to obtain a correct speed limit is to drive to the location to view the road signs in person. If in doubt, contact the local government to obtain an official copy of local ordinances, statements from officials, and/or any other available speed limit information.

Speed Limits By Jurisdiction


Link or Information Source Comments
KRS 189.390 KY Statutes Regarding max and non-posted SL's on state-maintained roads.
GIS SL ZIP file Highway Information System GIS Extracts CAUTION: NOT 100% ACCURATE


Click here to access the Google spreadsheet directly.


Click here to access the Google spreadsheet directly.

Construction/Work Zones

For national regulations regarding work zone speed limits, see this page.

A Google spreadsheet is being used to keep track of temporary but long-term construction zone speed limits in KY. Contact a KY State Manager to request changes to the spreadsheet, or to get editor access. Only long-term construction zones with regulation white speed limit signs should be listed in the spreadsheet. For example:

Valid - may be considered as a long-term construction zone SL

Invalid - may NOT be considered as a long-term construction zone SL