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Test Page

Custom UR Responses

"Speed limit not seeing it",

Volunteer responding - Our street view indicates XX mph. Has the speed limit changed recently? Thanks.

"Road Closed",

Volunteer responding - Would you please let us know the following; What road is closed?; between which intersections is this road closed; Do you know how long this road is scheduled to be closed? Thanks!

"Bad App No Biscuit",

Unfortunately, in this situation, there is nothing we can change in the map to address your issue. Since it is an app issue you can try the following.

1) If that route is a very long distance, sometimes breaking the route into shorter drives can help.

2) If you are connecting and disconnecting from Wifi Hotspots while driving, disable WiFi to force Cell Phone Data only.

3) Make sure you are using the "high accuracy GPS" setting.

4) Shut Down Waze completely (from background running apps too!) and restart.

5) RE-boot your phone and restart waze

6) Remove Waze from your phone and re-install.

You can also report this to

"Bad Google"

Volunteer responding - Added your address to the waze database. Asked Google Maps to update their pin location (source of error). Should update within a few days. You will need to delete this address from your history/favorites/home/work location and search for it again once it updates otherwise you may be sent to the wrong coordinates. Thanks!

"All Is Well",

"My test routes show it updated and routes correctly. You will need to remove this address from your history/favorites and re-search. Otherwise you may routed to incorrect coordinates. If you continue to have issues, please submit a new report. Thanks and have a great day!

"Intermittent/Spontaneous Combustion"

"Since we do not know in advance when these closures will occur, we, unfortunately, cannot add those to the app. We would have to rely on fellow wazers to use the app to enter the closures."

"Quit Searching By Address Please"

Add the business to the map. Linked the Google POI to the Waze Location. Verified the street address. All should update within a few days.

In the future, please search for businesses by name, not address. You will get better results.

Thanks for reporting this!