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Welcome to PedroskiPR's Profile


Community Roles/Contributions

Editing since September 2015

Rank History

  • Became R2 in October 2015
  • Became R3 in December 2016
  • Became R4 in April 2016
  • Became R5 in February 2017

Area Manager

  • Puerto Rico (400 miles)
    since November 4th, 2015
  • Karnataka, India (242 miles)

Beta Tester

  • Waze Map Editor
  • Android

Map Raids Participation

  1. MegaMapRaid Venezuela
    Hall of Fame: 2nd Position

  2. MiniMapRaid Turkey, Edaine
    Hall of Fame: 4th Position

  3. MegaMapRaid Poland

  4. MegaMapRaid India

  5. MegaMapRaid South Africa

  6. MegaMapRaid Sri Lanka II
    Hall of Fame: 13th Position

  7. MegaMapRaid Sri Lanka III

  8. MegaMapRaid India II
    Hall of Fame: 1st Position

Mentorship Inspirations


  • After my interest in growing in this strong community, I encountered that a lot of our time is spent mentoring new editors, and I had the opportunity of unofficially mentor new editors in Puerto Rico. Hence, I decided to create YouTube Videos of what most consumed my time. I have created many videos, and plan on continuing ways to enhance the ability to show new editors.

Spanish Tutorials for Scripts

Spanish Tutorials for WME Editor

Spanish New Waze Academy for new editors:

Editing Level

s0250.png cones-4.png MwByvD7.png