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Mentoring Lessons

Lesson 1

Specific Instructions:
1. Find and print the WME Reference sheet. Hint: it's linked on one of the pages below in your reading assignment
2. Log into the WME forums and send me a private message (PM)
3. Find WME practice mode. Watch all the Waze editing videos.
4. During our mentoring session, show me when the map tiles were last updated. Or... Send me a screen shot showing me where you go find out when the map tiles last updated.
5. Ask another editor in the SE Main slack channel, are there any copyrighted sources we can use to update the waze map. Send the answer to me.
6. On the WME screen, in which direction is South?
7. What is the Waze motto?
8. What does the waze motto mean with respect to the way we edit?
9. Name at least two Area Managers where you edit. Show me how you find who the area managers are. Why is it useful to know who your area managers are?

Map Editing

Welcome to WME Editing

Waze Map Editor Interface and Controls

Best Map Editing Practices

Handy Always Necessary References

Southeast Editing Guide

Southeast Important Links

Editing Manual