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Rfrsw101 can be reached by private message.
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I am a R4 NY State Manager editing mostly in the NYC Area Metro & Bayonne/Hudson NJ Areas working towards R5+/CM+ Positions. I have been editing since June 2014 and have participated in NJ, SC, Boston, PR, TX, PASL, RI (HOF # 9), and MASL MRs, and the China, Thailand, Venezuela, and Poland MMRs learning the ropes of Waze. I am currently involved in the Thailand Self-Management Project to bring more editors and users to the Thailand areas (with a focus on those areas in the MMR #3). Currently being mentored by voludu2 to reach higher ranks. Currently, I am a SM of New York and Thailand, and an AM of Bayonne NJ with a driving area of the 5 Boroughs of New York City and the I-87/95 Corridors in New Jersey. I am also part of the NYC Real-Time Closure Team alongside johnsninja58 and jdelosa being supervised by PesachZ.

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Rfrsw101Rfrsw101/Editing VideosRfrsw101/My Closure Sheets
Rfrsw101/NYC UR MR/Rfrsw101/Thailand/Current management