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Direction of travel:

Tech support:

1st report: General Error: Hello, volunteer editor here, I Would like to know if you have any additional info on the error here? Waze does not give us much to go by. Thanks

Initial comment is preferred within 36hrs of their report. Follow up at 4 days, and close at 7 days, if no response. If they respond, the 7 day clock starts over. State wiki with UR info

1 week left: Just a reminder: We have not received a response on your report. If we don't hear back from you soon we will infer everything is okay and close the report. Thanks!

NO FURTHER RESPONSE Just a reminder: We have not received any further responses on your report. If we don't hear back from you soon we will infer everything is okay and close the report. Thanks!

No further information was received and the request is being closed. As you travel, please feel welcome to report any map issues you encounter. Thanks!

This has been resolved, If you come across any other issues, please feel free to report them. Thanks

Mass pike issue canned response: "Dear user: Thank you for the report. At this location, the local geography has cause many users to experience slightly incorrect GPS location because of weak reception. While the map itself is correct, this re-routing can sometimes occur in poor weather or other times of weak reception. For the best GPS reception, we suggest using a high-quality holder for your device where it has a clear view of the sky - however there is nothing further that can be done with the map to prevent your device from detecting an incorrect location. If your device detects an incorrect location like this again, we suggest that you continue to drive as you would until your device is able to lock on to your correct location again."

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