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Area Manager, Clark/Cowlitz/Skamania Counties, Washington State.
Also monitoring York County, Nebraska.

Current projects:

  • Gridded review, one square mile at a time, of Cowlitz County, to verify road geometry and connectivity, name, road type, and city. Peripherally adding parks and cemeteries and addressing other obvious deficiencies as found. Adding HNs to new subdivisions found to not already have them.
  • Monitor for and respond to URs in my area.
  • Keep learning. So much to absorb.
  • Try to do no harm, and be gracious in accepting constructive criticism!

Completed projects:

  • Comprehensive gridded review of Clark County
  • All Clark County parks mapped
  • All Clark County cemeteries mapped
  • All Clark County WSDOT Functional Classifications verified
  • Comprehensive gridded review of Skamania County
  • All Skamania County parks mapped
  • All Skamania County cemeteries mapped
  • All Skamania County WSDOT Functional Classifications verified

Future projects:

  • Comprehensive gridded review of York County NE
  • Once gridded reviews are complete, asses best way to start effectively adding parking lots for the Parking Project.