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User:Stephenr1966/GHO Lock Req

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Hangouts DownLock/UpLock Requests

When requesting a change in the lock level for a segment, please include as much of the following information as possible: permalink (or PL) with the segments in question selected, nearest city to the segments, the highest lock level of segments, the reason(s) for changing the segments, and the requested lock level. Thanks!


Request DnLock L5 to L2 of permalink near Cleveland, OH for speedlimit adjustment and name adjustment based on BGS.

Request DnLock L4 to L1 of permalink in Norfolk, VA for PLR connection.

Request UpLock L1 to L4 of permalink in Norfolk, VA for min lock std.


1. Please put it all into one post. Helps for the WazeBot notifications. Most folks that can enter closures have keywords such as "DnLock", "Uplock", "Unlock", "Relock", etc. so will get notification from the Bot and it helps to have all the info in one spot.

2. We ask for the highest lock level of the PL so that everyone reading the request will know at a glance if they can help or not. Wouldn't make any sense for an R3 editor to jump on an unlock request for an L5 Freeway.

3. We ask for the (nearest) City to be included for similar reason. It helps for the non SM/CM editors that are senior enough to down lock to know if it is likely to be within their editable area.

4. If your edits change the segment id's, such as connecting a new segment to the unlocked segment which creates two new segments, we'll need a new PL for the re-lock. Please don't forget to request Uplock with a new permalink where necessary when finished with edits.