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Waze-Related About Me

My Managed Areas

  • Taneytown/Westminster, MD (roughly from 140@Harney to 140@Pleasant Valley, and from 194@Brown to 194@Crouse Mill)
  • Reisterstown, MD (roughly east of I-795 exits 7 to 9, to roughly Garrison Forest Rd)
  • Hanover area, PA (north of Littlestown and south of Hanover, around route 194)


I live in Westminster, MD (within my managed area), and work in Columbia, MD. I mostly edit the map in Carroll and Howard Counties in Maryland (as I am most familiar with areas along my daily commute), occasionally poking around Baltimore and Frederick Counties.


Canned UR Responses

Feel free to adapt these as you see fit. I copy/paste these, replacing STREET and TOWN as appropriate.

General Error

Hello, I am a local volunteer map editor (Westminster resident) responding to your problem report on STREET in TOWN. Unfortunately, Waze did not provide enough information for me to tell exactly what happened. What is the nature of the problem you experienced?

Thanks, Tom

Missing Road

Hello, I am a local volunteer map editor (Westminster resident) responding to your missing road report near STREET in TOWN. Which road do you feel is missing?

Note that you can use the "Pave" function in the Waze app to create a new road yourself. Be sure to visit when you get back to a computer to add street name information.

Thanks, Tom

Incorrect Driving Directions

Hello, I am a local volunteer map editor (Westminster resident) responding to your report of incorrect driving directions on STREET in TOWN. What was incorrect about the directions Waze suggested? Would you mind sharing your destination with us as you entered it in the app?

Thanks, Tom

Incorrect Junction

Hello, I am a local volunteer map editor (Westminster resident) responding to your incorrect junction report at the intersection of STREET and STREET in TOWN. What is incorrect about the intersection?

Thanks, Tom

Missing Bridge Overpass

Hello, I am a local volunteer map editor (Westminster resident) responding to your missing overpass report on STREET in TOWN. What overpass do you feel is missing?

Thanks, Tom


Just a reminder, we have not heard a response from you in X days. If we do not hear from you, we will soon assume everything is OK and close this problem report. To reply to this report, please go to PERMALINK , click the Waze icon at the location of your report (on STREET in TOWN), click the "Conversation" drop-down, enter your comments in the box, and click "Send."

No Response

The problem was unclear, and we did not receive a response from you. Therefore, I am closing this report as Not Identified.


Thanks to your report, I have found and fixed a problem with the map. DESCRIBE STEPS TAKEN TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM HERE. The change should propagate to handheld devices within 48 hours. The next time you are in the area, please go to Settings-> Advanced -> Data Transfer -> Refresh map of area.

I am closing this report as solved. Please feel free to file another report if you continue to experience the same problem after 48 hours have passed, or if you experience any other problems with Waze. Thank you for improving Waze for everyone!

Contact Me

Tckma can be reached by private message.
  • You can also find me on the forums.
  • If you find a tckma anywhere on the Internet, it's more likely than not to be me, except on Twitter where that username is taken by someone else -- I'm not on Twitter.