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User:TerryPurdue/USA/Regional Editor Exchange Program

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The Regional Editor eXchange (REX) program offers editors the opportunity to gain editing experience outside their home region.

Steering Committee

  • ply8808 (Chair), Global Champ, Assistant Regional Coordinator (Mid-Atlantic)
  • GizmoGuy411 , Global Champ, Regional Coordinator (Great Lakes)
  • Orbitc, Global Champ, Regional Coordinator (Northeast, New England)
  • Karlcr9911, Global Champ, Regional Coordinator (South Central)
  • Ottonomy, Global Champ, Regional Coordinator (South Atlantic)
  • TerryPurdue, Local Champ, Assistant Regional Coordinator (Great Lakes)

Participating Regions/States


  • Editors must have achieved rank three (R3) to be eligible to participate
  • Can be nominated by SM+ in home region
  • Nominations require approval from home region (A)RC to be officially accepted



Regional exchanges are three months in duration.


Participating editors will paired with a peer in another region. The two matched editors, known as a "REX Pair," will do a direct swap of editable area

Example: if a REX Pair is created that consists of a state manager in Oregon and a state manager in Alabama, both editors will be granted editable area across the entirety of both states.

NOTE: the swap is of editable area, not roles! If two state managers are paired up, the two SM's have State Manager responsibilities and authority only in their home region.


Participating editors will be paired with a local editor in the host region who will provide informal mentoring.


After an exchange is complete, if the home and host region (A)RC's both agree, the hosting region may invite the hosted editor to stay longer-term.

Examples include offers of long-term Area Manager area and/or leadership roles to the hosted editor.