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May 17, 2014:

Apparently, I tried to fix a typo in the Wiki and ended up producing a parsing error.

I  PROFUSELY apologize to all and will read the wiki's only while logged out for awhile until I understand what I did and know how to avoid it.

I will use the "Show preview" button from now on. :)


Trukkurt's Waze Map Edit Records

To Do:

Edit M-66 and M-79 highway names near Nashville, MI.

Edit Whispering Sands Dr (south of Grand Haven, north or Port Sheldon)

Fix 10961 Gun Lake Rd issue.

Investigate 51176 S Head Rd / 5117 Head Lake Rd issue near Hastings.

43.35808 N 86.27042 W Check roads in this area (just north of Mi Adventure) to see exactly what the layout is. Some roads appear to not exist.

Hastings - Jane pauses after the word green when she says you will arrive at 915 W. Green St.

Hastings - Check/add street names/HNs for complex on south side of Barfield Dr.