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How to find your area manager

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If you are a new editor, start out right by getting advice from your local experts. This means starting with the area manager(s) for your editing areas. Increasingly, this information is found in the Country wiki pages, or in the country forums. You can also search the wiki for the name of your region, province, or state. For example, Texas lists the editors in the state and Canada lists the area managers for the entire country. Some countries, states, or provinces might list their area managers in their part of the Country (Language) Forum.

Area managers are also listed right in the Waze Map Editor in the "Area Manager" layer Layers.png. If you have the UR Overview+ extension you can see the list of area managers by selecting the URO+ tab. If you are using the WME Toolbox, you can find the list of area managers by selecting any segment or place and using the "Get the list of Area Managers" link in the left-hand information pane.

If you cannot find the area manager information for your editing area, ask for help in Chat.