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Roundabout policies unique to Wisconsin

Often times a roundabout will have exit signage that matches the Alt name in Waze, without mention of the primary street name. When this happens, the following should be done:

  • When there is an exit sign that does not match the local signage/primary street name, an exit stub should be added, and formatted in the following manner: WI Roundabout exit stub.png
    • 16' (5 m) long to suppress long exit names from showing in the client. (Similar to Wayfinders)
    • DO NOT use the word "to" unless it is specifically shown on the sign. A portion of drivers will already be on said road, and will not be going "to" it.
    • Limit exit instruction to 3 names and/or shields to prevent TTS from being too wordy.
    • When the exit sign has a County Highway with a cardinal direction please spell out the direction to prevent any letter on letter confusion. ("CH-C East" is much less likely to be confused with "CH-CE", which are two actual highways in Wisconin)
WI CH-X West.png Should be "CH-X West"
  • If there are both primary street signs and alternate street exit signs separate from each other, standard roundabout connections are acceptable.
WI Roundabout Local Sign cirlced.png