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Virginia/Mapping resources/Archive

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Mapping resources for Virginia

State-wide Resources

VDOT Functional Classification

Functional Highway Maps have been compiled by VDOT for all areas of Virginia. They represent the official road classifications based on current and projected traffic levels, and are a very useful resource to help get Waze road types sorted out consistently across the state. *Note that these maps have been superseded by the proposed 2015 functional classification maps and should only be used for reference.*
Virginia updates the road classifications every 10 years and the next update will be published in 2015. The proposed functional classifications are available via an interactive map that can be found here (requires Silverlight). The updates have been conditionally approved and should be used for setting road type in WME.
Consult the Road Types (USA) page for further guidance on how to type based on functional class and road signage. Note, however, that where that page says that "signed, numbered state highways" must be designated at least as Minor Highway type, in Virginia that applies only to primary state highways. See Virginia#Road type guidance for more detail.

Functional Highway Maps Classification Suggestions
VA Road Classification proposed.gif

Rural farm and logging roads that are never open to the public should be marked as Private Road type to prevent routing. Most should be left off the map unless they serve multiple residences or residences out of sight of the main road. The Dirt Road/4x4 Trail designation should be reserved for public (state/locality maintained) dirt roads and Forest Service roads, etc, that a user may actually traverse freely during at least part of the year.

Other Virginia Statewide Resources

  • AARoads Virginia Contains pictures of most BGS on highways as well as other ground level imagery.

Regional Resources

  • has a comprehensive list of local government GIS activities. The site includes some of the links below as well as indicating when there is no government GIS site for a county or area.

Resources by City/County