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This page covers road names for Ireland. For other countries see this page.


This page should be read in conjunction with the wiki page about best map editing practice, which covers the editing principles common to Waze map editing in all parts of the world. The purpose of this page is to describe standard practice in Ireland and how it differs from standard practice in other countries.

In case of any questions about road naming in Ireland, please start or join a discussion in the Ireland section of the forum. For any questions about map editing in general, first study the wiki, then search the Map Editing section of the forum, and then, if necessary, ask questions in that section of the forum.

Road Types

The following convention should be followed as far as possible. This includes where major and minor routes pass through towns.

Waze Road Type Irish Road Types
Freeway Motorway (Mxx)
Major Highway National Primary & National Secondary (Nxx)
Minor Highway Regional Roads (Rxxx) including link roads into bypassed towns.
Primary Street 'Main' streets in towns and cities and rural roads (other than R roads) that are important connectors with a high traffic volume. It should be possible for two cars to pass without having to slow down before a road is made a primary street, and the road should not be a cul-de-sac, otherwise the road should be marked as a normal street.
Streets Residential Streets and most surfaced rural roads.
Dirt Road / 4X4 trail Unsurfaced rural roads that can't easily be used by a normal car.
Ramp Only for ramps joining two roads in grade-separated intersections (where one road crosses another over a bridge).
Private Road Roads that aren't open to the general public, such as college campuses, large businesses, golf clubs and gated developments.
Parking Lot Road All parts of a car park. May also be used in petrol stations to stop cars stopped in petrol stations from generating traffic reports on adjacent roads. Note that not every lane of a car park should be mapped, but only entrances, exits and main routes within the car park. See the guidance elsewhere in the wiki about mapping car parks.

Summary: motorways are Freeways, N-roads are Major Highways, R-roads are Minor Highways, major local roads are Primary Streets, all other surfaced local roads are Streets (except for special roads like private roads and roads in car parks).

Towns, cities and villages

Roads that do not form part of a town, city or village should have no city specified. Roads that do form part of a town, city or village (or run past its edge) should have the name of that settlement specified. Larger cities (such as Cork and Dublin) use the names of their suburbs as the city name for roads in those suburbs.

Waze only allows one town, city or village with the same name in each country. For duplicate city names, the county name can be appended in brackets after the city name. For example, there is a "Blackwater" in Co Clare, but a "Blackwater (Wexford)" in Co Wexford. Ideally the larger city should be the one without brackets, but sometimes it will be simpler for it to be the city that was named first, because renaming cities is not easy.

Road Names for Numbered Roads

If you are adding a local name to a numbered road then the number should be first and separated from the name by a space, for example: "R126 Hearse Rd"

Rural local roads that don't have any specific name of their own should be named after the townland they run through. If a road has an L-number sign at its end, then that road's L-number can be added to the road name. For example: "L8859 Ballytarsna". Even though L-road numbers aren't unique, having the number be part of the road name is useful to Waze users to verify that they're turning onto the right road.

Motorway Carriageway Naming Convention

Whenever possible, on split roads, name carriageways with the nominal direction of travel. Insert the direction of travel at the end of the road name, separated by a space; for example:

  • M1 N
  • M50 S

This makes traffic and incident reports much more useful and helps with navigation. Note that the direction of travel applied for the entire motorway and does not change as the motorway bends. For example, the M50 in Dublin just has an "M50 N" and an "M50 S", even though parts of it travel east-west. This applies to most other long motorways too.


This section is currently undergoing modifications and will be updated shortly pending the modification of TTS engine. The information and guidance is currently considered accurate enough to be followed now. Please note that the Serena voice has been replaced with Kate. Before making any changes to this page, please bring up the issue in the Abbreviations and TTS navigation voices forum thread.

The following abbreviations should be considered to conserve screen space and so that the Waze app pronounces road names properly.

Road Name Abbreviation TTS Expansion
Avenue Ave Yes
Close Cl Yes
Court Ct Yes
Crescent Cres Yes
Drive Dr Yes
East E Yes
Junction (as in Motorway Jxx) J Yes
Lane Ln Yes
Lower Lwr As of 13/09/15
North N Soon
Place Pl Yes
Park Pk Yes
Road Rd Yes
Saint St. Yes
South S Yes
Square Sq Yes
Street St Yes
Terrace Tce As of 13/09/15
Upper Upr As of 13/09/15
West W Yes


  1. Roads like "The Avenue", "The Green" etc should not normally be abbreviated.
  2. TTS = Text To Speech