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Information and resources regarding editing Waze maps in Indiana. Resources for other states and the entire country can be found on the mapping resources page.


Major Cities (over 100,000 Population)

Note: links are to GIS resources unless otherwise indicated


Note: links are GIS resources unless otherwise indicated









Road Categorization

See Road Naming (USA), Road Types (USA) and Examples of Indiana Roads By Type

Road Closures/Construction

Please add all related resources to the following Waze Wiki page:

Speed / Red Light Cameras

Indiana does not have Speed or Traffic cameras. The only cameras allowed by state law are for toll-booth areas only for enforcement of non-payment.


USA section of Waze Forum

US Midwest section of Waze Forum

Indiana section of Waze Forum

To-do Lists

Keep track of work that needs to be done and coordinate efforts with other AMs.

Area/Country Managers

If you are an Area Manager that covers the State of Indiana, or a USA Country Manager that does a lot of work in Indiana, please add yourself to this list (alphabetical by username). See comments via an "Edit" of this section to add yourself.

Username Areas Managed Comments Forum PM
GizmoGuy411 Region 5 Great Lakes Regional Coordinator Working west into Indiana from Ohio border from Metro Toledo (which is very complete). PM
dcm684 Clay, Eastern Hamilton, Madison, and Vigo Counties. PM
NDgeek NE Indiana counties: St Joseph, Elkhart, LaGrange, Steuben PM

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