Navigation tells you to take a turn off a freeway that would go into a freeway wall or hard right off a bridge that would send you flying into the air

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I remember the flying leap into the wall from the 1st time I used Waze. I have always found this is due to Waze setting junctions that 'join' the freeway to an overpassing or under passing road.

Why did this happen? Best guess. When Waze loaded the US Tiger maps initially, they set their programs to interpret the road geometry and to place a junction at every spot where 2 or more roads appeared to intersect. SO, for city streets, that's a great way to initially set up the Waze maps. But for a freeway, the first time you scan to fix it, you'll probably find junctions at each crossing road. Of course, freeways only have ramps to get on or off, so these bad junctions will send navigation routes right through freeway wall or send you on flying leaps.

TO fix it, you need to zoom in to see the crossing. Sometimes you can just Click Remove Junction on the edit panel. Then click the junction and then confirm YES that you want to remove it. Sometimes that will take out the junction. Sometimes not. IF not,Waze may tell you that the roads are incompatible. In that case, you will need to set the road directions, even if only temporarily, to get the roads compatible, like all roads at the junction are two way. Sometimes you may need to move one set of roads to the top and the other to the bottom by clicking the properly connected segments and clicking the Move Road to Top/Bottom link.

Some times the bad junction can be hidden beneath a road segment so you may need to temporarily use Change Road Geometry to move roads to the side to see what is underneath.

Once you have removed the bad junction, you may need to set the road connectivity for the freeway segments or the over/under pass roads.