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This guide is to try and get some consistency in Road type designations used in WME (waze map editor) for New Zealand.


The best reference for Road type designations is found here:

Only differences between NZ and US should be listed on this page

Road Type Classifications

Freeway RoadBlue.png

The USA Freeway is the equivalent to the New Zealand motorway

Highways Majorhighwayseg.pngRoadYell.png

Only roads wirh SH (State Highway) in their official name should be listed as Highways.

See New Zealand State Highways

Major Highway Majorhighwayseg.png

Are roads named from SH1 to SH8b

Minor Highway RoadYell.png

Are roads named from SH10 to SH99


Primary Street Primary street.png

Most other major roads not listed as SH will be "Primary Street"

Street Street.png

All other roads

Dirt Service road.png

If the road is dirt or any surface that requires a 4 wheel drive, list it as dirt.

Many roads in New Zealand are gravel but can be navigated with a normal passenger vehicle, these roads are not classed as dirt.

Private RoadService road.png

In addition to the US definition note that Private driveways should not be included in the map as private roads.