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Talk:How to label and name roads (Ireland)

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What do people think about labelling all the inner city N11 roads as Major Highways? Ie: Baggot St, Westland Row

Seems like that's what's already being done, although someone recently started reverting a lot of those changes. I've made a forum post about this as it's confusing if street types are being randomly set or changed.


I am not familiar with looking at the history of edits on a wiki. I was under the impression that Terrace was previously abbreviated to Tce, whereas now it is abbreviated to Te. I was unable to see when (or if) this change occurred. I see that it is also abbreviated to Ter on the UK wiki, and there is mention that this is to do with integration with voice commands on smartphones in the future.

I have never seen a street sign with Terrace abbreviated to Te. The regular convention on street signs where it is abbreviated is Tce.

Is there a reason to deviate from accepted and commonly known usage of English?


I thought the abbreviation for Terrace was Ter no? or are different countries taking different approaches to this? Des