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If you are mapping this region, please update the wiki with where you are working!


Section Active Editors Date Started Status Comment
Slaughter to Grand Avenue Parkway DeepEddy 1/27/2012 Service roads now correct type Many exits mis-labled; Service roads marked as Primary Streets
South of Slaughter txemt 8/21/2012 Completed Many exits mis-labled; Service roads marked as Primary Streets
North of Grand Avenue Parkway ... ... ... Many exits mis-labled; Service roads marked as Primary Streets

US Highways

Section Active Editors Date Started Status Comment
all ... ... Unassigned ...
Oak Hill to I-35 DeepEddy 01/27/12 Highway now labeled US Hwy 290; Access road now lableled Ben White Highway labeled Ben White; Access Road labeled Ben White svc Road; Exits mislabeled.
East of I-35 ... ... ... ...
West of Oak Hill ... ... ... ...

Texas Highways

Section Active Editors Date Started Status Comment
All ... ... Unassigned ...
All ... ... Unassigned ...
All Txemt 1AUG12 Completed State Hwy 130 is ready from Seguin to Austin. About a week before the highway is officially opened, all connections will be turned to "green"
Loop 1
non-toll portion DeepEddy 01/27/12 Now labeled "State Loop 1"; Service roads fixed Was labeled "Mo-Pac Expressway" (none of the signage says that); service roads wrong type.
Toll portion ... ... Unassigned ...
Loop 360
All ... ... Unassigned Currently labeled "Capital of TX Highway"
RR 620
All ... ... Unassigned ...
RR 2222
All ... ... Unassigned ...
RR 2244
All ... ... Unassigned ...


Major Intersection Active Editors Date Started Status Comment
15th St / Lamar DeepEddy 1/27/2012 Done Connections off bridge, etc.

Map editing guidelines

(or: Let's Just Do This Once), pulled from Colorado To-do pages, and they pulled it from Boston metro To-do pages

Other Items (not listed below)

  • Only split a road into 2 lanes if there is greater than a 20' median, e.g. 2 or more lanes could fit inside. Anything smaller should be a single road, even if there is a physical barrier (this will help with U-Turns, and will make it easier to edit the map in the short and long term).
  • Note that in the old editor, there's also a feature allowing a mid-road line, which may help on roads with a physical barrier but not a lot of lanes.

Interstates/Major/Minor Highways

Due to issues with automatically generating shields on Highways with directionality, it appears to be MOST EFFECTIVE to add directionality, e.g. "I- 70 E" as the first step!

  • eliminate unnecessary junctions: mid-segment, other than where the city changes or speed limit changes, get rid of 'em. (Important exception: don't make segments too long, because traffic analysis is per-segment. Perhaps keep it less than 1km per segment?)
  • confirm lane directionality (note: one-way roads do not have center dividers)
  • connectivity between highway segments
  • road type is correct
  • finalize geometry (remember to preserve Alt Names when changing geometry)
  • naming: preserve TIGER base map naming as requested by Waze (common name, followed by US/State Hwy numbers and other aliases)


  • eliminate unnecessary junctions
  • geometry matches aerials
  • directions correct (note: one-way roads do not have center dividers)
  • road type set to "ramps"
  • street names should match existing signage; e.g.:
    • "Exit 20: Boston / Brighton / Cambridge"
    • "to I-90 W / Worcester"
  • when a ramp segment has no sign of its own (e.g., after two ramps merge), borrow from the names of the "upstream" ramps, which should be similar if not identical
  • check & correct all connectivity among ramps & roads--critical for proper routing

Helpful tip: if a ramp (or any other type of road) segment has no name, the client will display the next non-empty name in line. For example, suppose you have a two-way ramp segment. You can't name it as either an on- and off-ramp, because traffic (and navigation) will be using it for both. The solution is to leave the name blank, which will cause the names of adjoining segments to be displayed.

Wiki editing info can be found here. Sounds scary but it's easy Just watch this short video.