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Welcome, NYC Wazers! (Please note that this page is a work in progress, and owes much to other pages here from which the general format was copied!)

If you are an editor or area manager working in or around New York City, please update this Wiki with the areas where you are working! Please feel free to contact me at the forum using the link below if you have questions about this page, about editing, or about life in general. :)

~ Spil, Area Manager for NY's Southern Tier Region ~ page opened 16FEB2012

Primary issues for Interstate and Major Freeway work

  • remove excess junction nodes (those not at intersections or at city-name changes)
  • inspect and correct connectivity of necessary junctions
  • update highway and ramp segment "road types"
  • update all segment "Street Names" in accordance with the standards published in the Wiki -- for example (sorry that all my examples are upstate, it's all I really know!):
      • I-90 E
      • I-481 N
      • "Split" (1-way) segments: US-219 N
      • "Unsplit" (2-way) segments: US-20
      • "Split": SR-36 S
      • "Unsplit": SR-60
    • OFFRAMP:
      • numbered exit: Exit 26: Olean
      • numbered exit with multiple names: Exit 59: Dunkirk / Fredonia
      • non-numbered exit: Exit to SR-39 / Springville
    • ONRAMP:
      • to I-81 N / Watertown
      • to I-86 E / Corning / Binghamton
  • inspect and correct overpasses/underpasses to ensure that the segments are on different levels and do not have a junction node where they meet

Interstate / Major Freeway Chart

If you are working on one of these sections, please update the following chart to include your screenname and progress details in the appropriate fields. For exit naming assistance, use the links provided with the highway numbers or names below.

Section Editor(s) Progress Comment
Holland Tunnel zman1403 ... ...
Gowanus Expressway (Bay Ridge to Carroll Gardens) zman1403 ... ...
Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (Carroll Gardens to Astoria) zman1403 ... ...
Triborough Bridge zman1403 ... ...
Van Wyck Expressway (South Jamaica to Flushing) socon 5% ...
Whitestone Expressway (Flushing to Whitestone) ... ... ...
New York City to Albany ... ... ...
Trans-Manhattan Expressway (Washington Heights) ... ... ...
Cross-Bronx Expressway (Morris Heights to Ferry Point) ... ... ...
Bruckner Expressway (Ferry Point to Pelham Bay) ... ... ...
New England Thruway (Pelham Bay to Port Chester) ... ... ...
Clearview Expressway (Hollis Hills to Bay Terrace) mdqueenz 99% ...
Throgs Neck Bridge ... ... ...
Cross-Bronx Expressway (Throgs Neck to Sound View) ... ... ...
I-495 (Eastbound and Westbound)
Long Island Expressway socon




I-278, 440
Staten Island Expwy, West Shore Expwy Cycle201 95% Update in progress
Sheridan Expressway ... ... ...
Northern State Pkwy
Northern State Pkwy mdqueenz 99% ...
Grand Central Pkwy
Grand Central Pkwy mdqueenz 99% ...
Belt Pkwy
Belt Pkwy mdqueenz,Cycle201 80% ...

Area Chart

Please update this following chart to include your screenname and progress details in the appropriate fields. Feel free to subdivide this section as needed -- I know that most of you might not cover an entire borough with your editing area, because there's a lot of work there!

City Editor(s) Progress Comment
Manhattan socon,Cycle201 75% In progress
Brooklyn socon,Cycle201 95% ALL BROOKLYN
Bronx Cycle201 50% ...
Queens socon,Cycle201 75% All.
Staten Island Cycle201 99% Did most editing before finding this. Daily/Weekly Updates always in progress
Long Island socon 1% Working off of I-495. Would really like some help with this one.
New Jersey socon,Cycle201 50% North Bergen County, possibly up into the Rockland area.

Cycle201>>>Edison,PerthAmboy,Marlboro,Freehold,OldBridge,Newark,Elizabeth,Orange (Surrounding Areas)<<<

If you have any additions, updates, corrections, or suggestions for this page, feel free to edit it yourself, or send a PM to Spil. Thank you, and Happy Wazing!