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Please note: This page is structured differently than most to-do pages. It is modeled after the To Do - Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA page, moving the manager responsibility to the linked road page. This will make it possible to have different people working on separate sections of Highways and Freeways. In addition there is a Counties list for those people that are editing in an area not considered a Major City, but close to one within the same county. Also an Area Manager list who is editing within the metropolitan area and the cities they cover.

This page is also a bit unique in that it cross state lines. In general, Oregon does not have a lot of Area Managers as of November 2010. Oregon also has one of the more confusing highway systems in the United States. What the general public calls a "highway" is what ODOT refers to as a "State Route" or SR. "SR" is a common term for the public in Washington, not Oregon. In the tables below, you will see "SR" used for State Route. So, for Oregon AMs, understand that this is what we call a highway.


  • Clackamas (OR)
  • Clark (WA)
  • Columbia (OR)
  • Cowlitz (WA)
  • Multnomah (OR)
  • Skamania (WA)
  • Washington (OR

Area Managers

AM(s) Date Started City/Cities
User:RallyChris August 2009
Alan August 2010 Beaverton, Tualatin, Tigard, Sherwood, Scholls, McMinnville, Lake Oswego, Newberg, Dundee, Aloha
User:hoseklamp August 2010
User:chaos1a1 April 2010
User:mrsandman0047 October 2010
User:melocke August 2010


Interstate Date Started Status Comment
20px-I-5.svg.png I-5 Alan Started- 11/10/10 Completed- 4/8/11 I-5 connectivity, naming and ramp naming border-to-border.
20px-I-205.svg.png I-205 TBD Complete
20px-I-405.svg.png I-405 TBD Complete
20px-I-82.svg.png I-82 TBD Not Started
20px-I-84.svg.png I-84 Alan Started- 12/18/10 Completed- 8/26/11 I-84 connectivity, naming and ramp naming.

US Highways

US Highway Assigned To / Started Status Comment
20px-US_20.svg.png US-20 TBD Not Started Also Business
20px-US_26.svg.png US-26 Alan 11/15/2010 Delayed Ensuring US Hwy 26 through Portland is marked as "Mount Hood Highway", that the road type is correct and allowed turns are set properly. Using ODOT Digital Video log as the primary source of routing.
20px-US_30.svg.png US-30 TBD Not Started Also Business and Bypass. US 30 is concurrent with I-84 for a good part of its length. US 30 is an alt name in many places.
20px-US_101.svg.png US-101 Alan 12/2010 Started Per likely Wiki road naming standard changes, this will be designated a Major Highway.

State Highways

State Route Date Started Status Comment
25px-OR_6.svg.png SR-6 TBD Not Started
25px-OR_8.svg.png SR-8 TBD Not Started
25px-OR_10.svg.png SR-10 TBD Not Started
25px-OR_18.svg.png SR-18 12/2010 Started Primary naming and routing complete from Lincoln City to Hwy 99W (full-length). Verification of alt-naming and concurrent highway names such as Hwy 20, Hwy 233 need to be confirmed.
25px-OR_22.svg.png SR-22 TBD Not Started
25px-OR_35.svg.png SR-35 TBD Not Started
25px-OR_43.svg.png SR-43 TBD Not Started
25px-OR_47.svg.png SR-47 11/2010 Started Complete for primary naming (changes in cities) and routing through Yamhill county and some of Washington county. Alt-naming is correct in city limits, but needs to be verified between urban areas. Northern sections remain incomplete.
25px-OR_99E.svg.png SR-99E TBD Not Started
25px-OR_99W.svg.png SR-99W TBD Not Started
25px-OR_219.svg.png SR-219 TBD Not Started

Metropolitan Areas

Use this section to track outstanding problems with non-highway roads in the area.