To Do - San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, CA

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In general the greater San Diego, CA area has a very mature, highly edited and correct map. At this time the San Diego Area Managers and Map Editors are working their way through every street in the San Diego region. The goal is to edit every single street in the San Diego area to ensure correct road classification, geometry, connectivity, as well as street naming.

Interstate Date Started Status Comment
20px-I-5.svg.png I-5 04/15/10 Complete
20px-I-8.svg.png I-8 04/15/10 Complete
20px-I-15.svg.png I-15 04/15/10 Complete
20px-I-805.svg.png I-805 04/15/10 Complete

State Route Date Started Status Comment
19px-California_52.svg.png SR- 52 04/15/10 Complete
19px-California_54.svg.png SR- 54 04/15/10 Complete
19px-California_56.svg.png SR- 56 12/10/10 Complete
19px-California_78.svg.png SR- 78 04/15/10 Complete
19px-California_94.svg.png SR- 94 04/15/10 Complete
19px-California_125.svg.png SR- 125 04/15/10 Complete
19px-California_163.svg.png SR- 163 04/15/10 Complete
19px-California_905.svg.png SR- 905 04/15/10 Complete