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Toll Road & CCZ Progress

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In addition to all other rules as described in the Waze United Kingdom Wiki, a checkbox has been added to WME to mark roads as toll roads. This can also be utilised for other roads such as Congestion Charge Zones (CCZ) and Ferries.

Toll Roads

Toll roads should be marked as such along their entire length which is for which a toll is paid.

Congestion Charge Zones (CCZ)

Congestion Charge Zones (CCZ) should only be marked as Toll Roads at all entry and exit points to the Zone.


Short car ferries that only go between two destinations can be marked as toll roads.
They should be drawn as Service Roads, with the name of the ferry on them.
Cross-channel ferries should not be mapped at all.

See Ferries of England, Scotland and Wales for lists that are far too long to include here.

Map Editor Notes

When a Toll Road, CCZ or Ferry has been marked as a toll road and verified, please change title to "<roadname/area> (Complete)" and add a permalink to the livemap.